We offer multiple ways to engage our services.

Fee Based:

    • Hourly consultation
    • Flat fee
    • Fee based investment management
We firmly believe that the world is ever-changing, and with it, our investment strategies should evolve as well. When it comes to the public markets, we focus on a blend of active and passive strategies. We also assist in the evaluation and feasibility of investments outside of the public markets and believe such exposure can provide additional diversification.
During our discovery phase, we’ll determine the level of communication necessary to meet your needs.

Success is evaluated in multiple ways. We look at growth and income as compared to benchmarks as well as risk-adjusted returns when success relates to performance. We also focus on determining the probability of success, which addresses appropriate amounts of risk needed to meet your goals.

Legacy Wealth Partners is an independent partnership owned by the partners of the firm, who all actively manage clients while planning for the success of our business.
Legacy Wealth Partners was founded in 2009. In 2014, Legacy entered its second phase when we became independently registered.

Legacy Wealth Partners offers Advisory Services through Aveo Capital Partners, LLC.  Securities offered through DMK Advisor group.